Baked During Spring Weekend


After a long and successful weekend of safe decisions, I decided to decompress and attempted my first baked safesnacks. With the help of a friend, I brought my walkers fresh chocolate chip cookies (made by my friend, a former safewalker) and slightly over-done peanut butter cookies (made by me).

On site polling revealed that  walker enfranchisement increased sharply following consumption, and Sunday Night Supervisor Approval Ratings (SNSAR) were higher than pre-muppetgate levels.


100% winter survival rate this year

Spring is here, and Safewalk is pleased to announce that every single walker made it through this winter unscathed (Pieter fell on the ice a few times). This is thanks to our beautiful new jackets which we received this fall, and also to the abnormally high temperatures.

Regardless of the reason behind the nonexistent mortality rate this year, it is truly a momentous occasion. With the arctic conditions facing Safewalkers in years past, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see why we haven’t posted survival rates until now.


Meet The Safewalkers: Team Malaika


Names/Class Years/Concentrations

Bonheur Karigirwa Class of ’19 & Nothando Adu-Gyamfi Class of ’19/Chemical Engineering (tentatively)

What is your Safewalk Team Name? Is there any background?

It’s Malaika. The world “Malaika” means “Angel” in Swahili. We would like to believe that we are acting as angels when walking people during the late hours of the night. We take pride in leaving people a bit less stressed when we safely drop them off after a tough night of late night studying.

How long have you been walking with Safewalk?

We both started this semester.

Why did you choose to apply to Safewalk?

Bonheur: Being a freshman, I thought It was the best way to meet new people in different settings and at the same time get to know the campus better. In addition, working at night worked best for me because my day schedule was already filed.

Nothando: I wanted a job that would enable me to interact with different people while also getting to know the Brown University Campus better.

What’s your favorite part of Safewalk?

Bonheur: I love the connection in our small community of safewalkers. I enjoy most the moment of walking a client.

Nothando: I love the conversations that we have with different people, especially upperclassmen who have given me great advice about my academics and life at Brown in general. It is also great now because we often have regular people that we have started walking which has made our job much more enjoyable.

What’s the weirdest/funniest/coolest thing that has happened to you on a Safewalk? 

Bonheur: I will never forget the night we safewalked a girl and at the end of the walk she gave us a warm hug , thanking us for walking her back to her dorm. It was so touching to see such genuine appreciation.

Nothando: Once we walked a young man who seemed to be unable to sleep and wanted to take a walk. Our conversation lasted the length of Thayer Street and it was very intriguing to discover that his roommate was from South Africa. We also discovered that he had been to my walking partner’s hometown in Rwanda. This connection was very random and extremely special for us.

Ok, a tough question now – Vests or Jackets?

Jackets! Love the faux “muscular” look. Plus, the more neon, the better.

What do you want everyone to know about Safewalk, and Safewalkers?

Safewalkers are available for everyone, and a lot of people are not really aware that they can call for Safewalkers. We simply want to keep you company in the mid of that cold night, accompany you through that creepy and scary alley , no matter how close your destination might be. Also, just because we’re walking in the opposite direction doesn’t mean we won’t turn around and walk you.



Introducing the Fall Super Soup Squad!

The time has finally come… Please give a warm welcome to our friendly neighborhood Fall Safewalk supervisors!


Starting from top left to right: Pieter Brower is pictured rocking his semi-stunner shades and likes peace. Next is Ian Pearsall; he occasionally exhibits signs of narcolepsy. Allison Managlia is a self proclaimed fashion icon. Her latest trend she’s trying to set is the solo-shoulder sweatshirt (as pictured above). Gabrielle Goodrow is a pilgrim rapping fiend. Be on the lookout for her latest album said to drop this Fall. Lastly is Niyo Moraza-Keeswood, a man who claims he is an elf trapped in a human body.

Travel Pic Thursday Featuring: Prancercize

It’s Thursday night, you know what that means… Travel Pick Thursday!

Rats on rats on rats!

That’s right! If you hadn’t already guessed it, Team Prancercize moonlights as world class rat breeders. They’re pictured below with their prize winning rats.

Rats. rats. rats.

*From left to right: Admiral Bananahammock XVI, Schmoopsiepoo, Peggy the Pig, Rat Jemima, Sir Vladamir Von Pinkelton, Ratty the Rat, Steve, Minnie Rat

Prancercise copy

Game of… Safewalk?

Many of our Safewalkers have very interesting, and unique backgrounds. Take our Valerie and Gustavo, two of our Supervisors, for instance. It is a little known fact that Valerie actually once had the title of Queen Valerie of House Langberg, first of her name, and Queen of Westeros, but she gave up the crown in order to pursue a career of wubbing. Working along side her was Gustavo of house Marquez who served as her loyal jester. Fun fact: he’s really a puppet.

Game of Safewalk copy

SafeSnack: Cheese(puffs) and Apples

On this edition of SafeSnacks we have a wonderfully balanced duo of cheesepuffs and apples, one of nature’s finest combinations. Here at Safewalk we like to embrace the idea of partnership and safety in numbers; the two snacks stand in solidarity knowing that they will both have the same fate and will not be ingested alone.

safe snacks 2

*Again, Safewalk is still looking for SafeSnack sponsorships. We want you to want us to eat your snacks.

And if you’re looking for another way to incorporate these two delicacies into your diet, here’s this wonderful (?) recipe for a possibly delicious sandwich, easily made at the dining hall nearest you. *Eater discretion advised.