Safewalk is program that was formed at DPS in 1988 in response to women’s safety concerns on campus. Over time, we have come to realize that safety is an important issue for all members of the community. We also recognize that all members of the community are at risk of being victimized, and the Safewalk service should be available and accessible to all.

Safewalk is a program run by student employees, that provides point to point walking escorts for their fellow community members on the Brown campus. Each two person team also patrols the campus, against the Brown safeRIDE shuttle route, acting as additional “eyes and ears” for community safety.  The teams can be identified by their distinctive Safewalk vests with reflective strips, and photo IDs. Each SW team is also equipped with a two-way portable radio to communicate to DPS dispatch at anytime. If you see a Safewalk team on campus, feel free to ask them to walk with you if you are feeling unsafe.

Hours are as follows:

Sunday through Thursday, 9:00pm to 2:15am.

During shopping and reading period, service is limited from 9:00pm to 1:00am.

Safewalk can be reached during operation hours at 401.863.1079.


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