Game of… Safewalk?

Many of our Safewalkers have very interesting, and unique backgrounds. Take our Valerie and Gustavo, two of our Supervisors, for instance. It is a little known fact that Valerie actually once had the title of Queen Valerie of House Langberg, first of her name, and Queen of Westeros, but she gave up the crown in order to pursue a career of wubbing. Working along side her was Gustavo of house Marquez who served as her loyal jester. Fun fact: he’s really a puppet.

Game of Safewalk copy


SafeSnack: Cheese(puffs) and Apples

On this edition of SafeSnacks we have a wonderfully balanced duo of cheesepuffs and apples, one of nature’s finest combinations. Here at Safewalk we like to embrace the idea of partnership and safety in numbers; the two snacks stand in solidarity knowing that they will both have the same fate and will not be ingested alone.

safe snacks 2

*Again, Safewalk is still looking for SafeSnack sponsorships. We want you to want us to eat your snacks.

And if you’re looking for another way to incorporate these two delicacies into your diet, here’s this wonderful (?) recipe for a possibly delicious sandwich, easily made at the dining hall nearest you. *Eater discretion advised.

The Return of SafeSnack

After a long delay SafeSnack has made it’s long awaited return but this time with fancy cameras and less baking.
This edition features a chocolate cake with a duo chocolate and raspberry ganache served alongside cake of a very nutty sort. To wash that all down we have a side of cheez-its.


Please note: If you would like your food to be featured on SafeSnack and eaten by Safewalkers, don’t hesitate to contact us! Corporate sponsorship’s also welcomed*

*must be food we like.

If you have been inspired by this inspirational post to make a cake, or just want to drown your feelings out in chocolate frosting here’s one of my favorite recipes.

Until next time.

Safewalk Travel Pic Thursday Featuring… Team $tar Fox!

Today is the start of the semester long Thursday shift series: Travel Pic Thursday!

A little known fact about our Safewalkers is that they are great world travelers! Featered below is Team Star Fox on a mountain range in Arcadia National Park. On their journeys they were able to snap a quick photo with space traveler Fox McCloud (little known fact: Fox McCloud was actually born and raised in the wilderness of Maine).

Stayed tuned next week for our next Travel Pic installment!

Team Star Fox