Walkers! You’re Appreciated!!

Last Sunday, we had our big Walker Appreciation Event! Basically, we Supes love our walkers so much, we just had to get them like a million Nice Slice Pizzas. Valerie was really excited about it:


You’ll also notice little boot shaped award statues. That’s because we gave out some Safewalk Superlatives, which I’m excited to publish officially here:

Funniest Team Name – Team-mon and Pumba

Most Accurate Team Name – Team Galapabros

Safewalk Spirit Award – Team Fish Fry

Best Drawing on the Board – Team David and Goliath

Best Radio Communications – Team Black Taco

Happiest Happenstance Honorarium – Walk ’em Sock ’em Robots

Gonfalon Gathering Guru – Howard Carter

The 27th Semi-Annual Jordan Mainzer Award  – Jordan Mainzer

Congratulations to the winners!

Walker’s, it’s been a really good semester, and we love each and every one of you. Good luck with finals everyone!


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