The many uses of the safewalk couch…

The life of a supervisor is hard. Five hours is a long time to spend alone in the cramped safewalk office, with nothing but your homework to distract you. Now, our hardships have made us crafty, and we have devised countless ways to stay sane and beat the cabin fever. This week, for whatever reason, a number of them involved the safewalk couch:

One supe managed to lose his keys somewhere in the office. And he knew they were in the office because he unlocked the office to get in, and hadn’t left. Well, after scouring the area from 2:15am-2:35am, he gave up and headed home, where he realized that they had probably fallen out into the couch. So the next night, he came back to find them, and after sticking his hands in the couch for a half hour, they still hadn’t turned up. The following picture resulted:


Spoiler alert! They weren’t in the couch. They were on the desk, hidden by the keyboard.

Another popular way to pass the time is to invite your friends to hang out in the office while you supe! It turns out, the supes have sleepy friends….


MoreSleepCouch PumpkinCouch

Unfortunately, the puppy isn’t here every week, or we’d have no trouble finding entertainment.

Before you judge us, just ask yourself, “What would I do with five hours, a couch , and nothing but a radio to entertain myself?” Be honest, your answer’s not homework…


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