DangerWalk Thwarted!

Last Friday night, Tech House put on their semi-annual event – “Dangerwalk: A night when danger walks!” Obviously, this raised some flags here at Safewalk HQ.  We investigated a little further, to find that the event consisted of groups of people being led on a scary tour from Soldier’s Arch to the main green. These poor groups of innocent people were subjected to ninjas and zombies, scary attacks and all sorts of other Tech House fabricated shenanigans.

Two brave Safewalk supervisors decided that something had to be done. Armed with only their vests and one plastic sword between the two of them, they calmly thwarted a ninja attack,  saving an estimated 6 lives. They emerged unscathed, and were greeted as heroes by the groups of thankful citizens. “Safewalk just literally saved me from ninjas,” one lucky survivor was rumored to have said.

Note: None of this is made up. This actually happened. Seriously.


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