Like A Virgin, Touched for the Very First Time

Safewalk presents….

Soon to be filled with the fall 2012 Schedule

Thanks to a member of the former team Gotta Walk ’em All, for help with cleaning the board!





Safewalk Slap Band Sculpture

I was sitting at the activities fair, talking to first years (and others) about Safewalk with an ample supply of Safewalk slap bracelets (AKA Snap Bands).

So I took the opportunity be all sculpture-y and junk. And I was thinking to myself, “I should go to RISD or something, because I clearly have  artistic talent and vision”. Then I realized that I’m essentially a child who likes to stack things and make towers, or an engineer- same thing, right?




If there’s one thing you should get out of this blundering blog post, it’s this: Ask us for Safewalk slap bands before I steal them all and make a fort in my common room out of them. Because anyone will agree that slap band forts trump blanket forts, 9 times out of 10.

Jarod out.

Less than 24 hours until Safewalk!!

It’s a glorious night here in my fancy new suite. The building is incredibly peaceful and empty, laundry machines are open, and my first Safewalk shift of the year is imminent. Get pumped, people.

With the hard work of one of the fabulous new supervisors, Jarod, we have created a new way to love Safewalk. You can now love us from 11pm-1am during Freshman Orientation Weekend!! A couple teams will be walking with the intention of helping out the newest members of our Brown community (but feel free to flag us down too, upperclassmen!). Temporary service hours (9pm-1am) will then be in effect starting Monday the 3rd for two weeks. 

Basically, get ready to rock the walk and roll the stroll. Oh, and by the way, WE JUST GOT NEW SNAP BANDS!! Check us out at the activities fair to grab some!