Sad Safewalk Senior Supervisor

It downed on me that this is my last day supervising a regular shift night for Safewalk.  truth is, I have been here sitting in this chair for one night each week for the past two years, and it will be sad to leave.  I’m so used to my Safewalk family.  But it’s time to go. And I believe the connection will always remain there – at least, I hope it will.



Wash Out

Today it rained. And my oh my, there is a trend.


Good luck out there walkers. What a way to go out for the last full week of regular service. Shout outs to my Tuesday team and my temporary Sunday team. May the odds be ever in your favor? Is that the line? I didn’t see that movie.

-Nik “Pa Rappa the Rapper” Gonzales

SafeSnack 4/11: 15 min. Prep. [Fake] Ice Cream

Captain’s Log, April 11th, 2012:

With the paper due tomorrow almost complete, I decided to document the night’s activity. When the walker’s weren’t attempting to charades out an “axolotl” they seemed to enjoy the last of the ship’s sustenance quite greedily. 


Faces smeared with Nutella Ice Cream, the walkers squealed in pain from frozen banana brain freezes and lept out into the night on their shifts. Curious. Very Curious. Back to the deck, I smell mutiny. 


Nutella Ice Cream Recipe:

3 Vdub bananas smushed into a bowl with 1/2 cup nutella mixed in. Freeze for a few hours. Told you it was easy. 

If you like Glee as much as I do…

…but also get annoyed with how awful it is pretty much all the time too, you’ll love this!

This hilarious parody is made with the same technology behind “The Sims,” or while playing “The Sims,” or something.  I don’t really get it.  But it mocks everything in the show that’s ever annoyed me and more, and is damn funny while doing so.

Check it out!

Also, I have no idea who records the voices but some of the singing vocals are scarily accurate.

Also, angels.


-Lisa, pretending to be Sarah on this lovely Weds evening