Safewalk — Titanic Trivia

The amount of snack posts in this blog is too darn high!!  Let’s change it up a bit!  Below you shall find the Thursday trivia and it’s in honor of a movie coming out soon (again!) Titanic in 3D!  What were you expecting?  The Hunger Games? No, I simply refuse.

Here you go:


Safewalk — Titanic Trivia

(in honor of 3D version soon coming to theaters)


  1. When did the Titanic sink? (Complete date)
  2. What was the name of the ship’s captain?
  3. What were the breeds of the two dogs rescued from the ship?
  4. What ship was closest to the Titanic when the later sent distress signals?
  5. How much did building the Titanic cost?
  6. When did the ship get christened?
  7. How many funnels did the ship have?  How many worked?
  8. How many people total died?
  9. How many children from first class died? Steerage?
  10.  What was one of the last songs the band played before the ship went down under?
  11.  How many feet down under is the Titanic today?
  12. Who was the last survivor of the Titanic?
  13. When did (s)he die?

Bonus: walk someone who is going to watch Titanic 3D in theaters.


I’m feeling super “posty” today, so I’ll probably make more entries.


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