Chocolate Mocha Icebox Cake

Image Image

1- Box ‘Nilla Wafers’

1- 8 oz. Thawed ‘Cool Whip’

8- Individual Chocolate Pudding Cups

1- tsp. Instant Espresso

Instant Espresso and Unsweetened Cocoa Powder to Dust Top of Cake

Mix Cool Whip, pudding, and espresso together in a large bowl. Line the bottom of three medium tupperware containers or a small cake pan with Nilla Wafers. Liberally coat wafers with pudding mixture. Repeat layering until pudding mixture is used up (or eaten by chef). Sprinkle espresso and cocoa mix on top of cake(s) as desired. Place covered cake(s) in the fridge for at least 4 hours (preferably overnight). Serve chilled within 48 hours. Safewalkers enjoy this snack by taking a heaping spoonful with them on their walk.

From your Wednesday Super Sarah


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